Ridgeline Properties is a small Real Estate Investment Company based out of Calgary Alberta. We primarily invest in multifamily residential properties in Alberta and soon expanding into the United States.

We have been using Investment Real Estate as a Long-term wealth creation vehicle. Over the past few years, we have been studying and working exhaustively learning and becoming Sophisticated Real Estate Investors and during this process we have come across some great Real Estate deals.

We have been investing in Real Estate since 2003 and we are looking to take this pace up to the next level…. we would like you to get on board and profit along side of us. As you already may know Real Estate has proven itself over time to be the primary choice of the wealthy to invest their money in… in fact:

Over 90% of all Millionaires Become so Through owning Real Estate
- Andrew Carnegie

The primary key to our success is buying Positive Cash Flow Real Estate located in markets with sound economic fundamentals only when the price and our detailed Due Diligence checklists fit our system. The secondary key is working with investors like yourself. This allows you to profit from our Real Estate knowledge, without having to take years to educate yourself and go through the time and trouble to learn through trial and error. This is a true win/win relationship, as we will only make money if you make money. It is in our best interest to help you succeed and make money with Real Estate.